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Drone Helps Sisters Capture Pivotal Life Moment

September 2, 2016

And this was their first time flying …
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Accessories: Polar Pro filters
Twin sisters Maggie and Caitie Sfingi wanted to have one last hurrah before heading to different colleges this fall ― and they used a drone to capture it.

The twins bought a Phantom 3 Standard only a few days before their Pacific Northwest road trip because they knew it would help them capture the moments they shared before going their separate ways.

“We had never flown one before the trip, but I've always been into videography, so I've dreamt of jumping on the drone bandwagon for a while now,” Maggie says.

The sisters both flew, but Maggie admits they sometimes fought about who would be the one to get the shot. “It was the shiny new toy we both couldn’t get enough of,” she says.

Covering over 2,000 miles, the two traveled from their home in Idaho to Oregon, Washington, and Montana in slightly over 100 hours. Maggie says the Phantom 3 played a large role in their adventure and it helped them appreciate the trip in a new way.
Maggie says the Polar Pro Filters made the sunset shots at Cannon Beach in Oregon (shown above) "absolutely breathtaking."
Maggie and Caitie Sfingi
“It was those random moments where one of us would scream, ‘Pull over! Pull over!’ so we could capture some epic sunset or crazy mountain road,” she says.

But it wasn’t all fun and games — when filming a boat and a group of inner tubers on their last night, a falcon began circling the drone. Even as amateur drone pilots, the sisters knew better than to tangle with wildlife.

“Needless to say, we stopped filming and called our drone back as quickly as we could!” Maggie recounts.

And she has some advice for those looking to road trip or travel with a drone: “As great as it is to have a drone to capture a shot and a scene that is special to you, it's also special to look up. To look around. To remember that it's more than just for the filming, it's for you to remember. Go out and explore, but also make sure to enjoy yourself in the moment. Not just focus on capturing it the way you want it to be captured.”

Maggie will be attending University of Southern California, while Caitie will be attending Stanford. Hopefully the two will find time to fly drones in-between their studies!

Editor’s note: Maggie also uploaded a video with strictly drone shots, but I was really drawn to the extended version above. It’s got a great storyline and shows how drones can really enhance a film. Plus I felt that this version evokes a bit more emotion, at least for me because it made me nostalgic for the summer before I went to college. Oh, to be young again.