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Travel the Transfagarasan Road by Drone

July 22, 2016

Flying above the road might be better than driving it
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Professional
Ground camera: Panasonic GH4R
Lucian Doban and his wife Ramona Doban never anticipated that drones would bring forth new opportunities to travel — like visiting the Transfargarasan road in Romania. While both are from Romania, it wasn’t until after they married that they traveled with their drone to the highway nestled in the Fagaras Mountains.

They just knew this road would look stunning from the sky. PilotBoy, Lucian Doban’s drone pilot persona, flew the couples DJI Phantom 3 Professional, while his wife acted as co-pilot.

Known as one of the best roads in the world, it's no wonder it was featured in a 2009 episode of Top Gear. The three original hosts (and, frankly, only ones it should ever have) went on a quest to find the Transfargarasan road. After finally arriving at their destination, Jeremy Clarkson proclaimed it as “the most amazing road” he’s ever seen. And he’s an expert.

The snaking highway is finally revealed at about 1:09 in PilotBoy’s film. The twists and turns look like enough to make even the healthiest person feel the need to clutch a paper bag. This film not only demonstrates the vast, winding turns of the Transfargarasan, but also the nature that surrounds it. PilotBoy says emotions were high when filming, especially since the couple battled heavy rain and difficulties catching quiet moments on the busy road.

"We were very glad that nature gave us a chance," he says. "At Balea Lake, the weather was very calm, so we took advantage of this and took all the shots we needed."

While PilotBoy has only banked about 140 hours of flight time in his one year of flying, he created a film that spoke to the beauty of what might look like only a road to some. But it’s much more: It offers people the chance to drive ― and fly ― while gazing at the splendor of Romania’s landscape.

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