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A Drone's-eye View of London's Crossrail Tunnels

July 10, 2015

Take a sneak peek of an underground transportation project years in the making

More than 10,000 construction workers have been laboring underground for the past three years to make headway on London’s ambitious Crossrail project, and now we can get a sneak peek.

The Crossrail isn't set to open until 2018, but workers recently finished digging the 13-mile underground portions of the Crossrail. And thanks to a BBC aerial photographer, we can check out the Crossrail’s freshly laid tunnel system, which is still closed to the public.

Eight giant tunneling machines, weighing 1,000 tons apiece, did the digging, and more than seven million tons of earth ferried out during construction. When fully operational, trains will carry 200 million passengers in and out of London per year.