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A Roomba for Your Garden

Weeding sucks. Make a drone do it

June 13, 2017

Tertill, pronounced “turtle,” is a solar-powered, autonomous drone that rolls along the soil of your garden to eliminate weeds it encounters. The design of Tertill’s wheels also, as its name suggests, gently tills the soil as the drone rolls around.

And no, the drone doesn’t just roll around, cutting every plant in sight. Tertill uses plants’ height to determine whether or not they should be cut — any plants under 1 inch in height get chopped. The ground drone can patrol a garden of roughly 100 square feet with ease — and even larger areas, as long as Tertill has access to enough sun.

The drone’s design and functionality are impressive, and the Kickstarter campaign seems well on its way to full funding after only a couple days. But the Tertill also represents something else: a growing acceptance of drones and robots in our everyday lives.

Joe Jones, cofounder and CTO of Franklin Robotics, was a former senior roboticist at iRobot, which is the maker of the beloved home robot Roomba. The Roomba played a major role in starting the robotic assistant movement, but as time passes, more and more of our dull daily tasks will likely be taken over by automated bots that roll, swim, and fly. In fact, iRobot now also produces and sells drones that mop floors and clean pools. Why ever do a chore again?

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Featured image: pixabay/PublicDomainPictures