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A Dose of Drone Reality

Science Channel to air new reality television series DRONED

July 14, 2016

Pigeon Vision
For hobbyists and commercial users alike, one of the most amazing and useful capabilities of drones is the birds-eye view that they provide. But how many of us have wondered what the world might look like with Pigeon Vision?

Not the bird, but rather the Fort Lauderdale, FL, aerial filming and drone customization company. Pigeon Vision is the subject of the Science Channel’s new show about unmanned aerial systems (UAS) called DRONED.

The company was established in 2013 with a focus on aerial cinematography, but then branched into exploring new and diverse marine applications for drones. Pigeon Vision aims “to reveal the tremendous potential of unmanned systems by revolutionizing ordinary systems and transforming them so that they consistently meet our customers' expectations,” according to its website.

A lofty ambition, but one that makes the company the perfect candidate for the show. Each episode follows the Pigeon Vision team as they address the needs of a unique client, resulting in many adventures and daring exploits.

A wide net

Based on the name and premise alone, it might be easy to assume that DRONED caters to those with a background or interest in drones. But according to the show’s creators, that’s not the case — even if you know nothing about drones, this show has something for you.

“Our visuals are out of control,” says Ryan Haake, co-owner of Pigeon Vision. He believes the stunning visuals that UAS provide will be a definitive draw for drone outsiders, and based on some promotional photos from the show, it’s hard to disagree.

But that’s not to say that DRONED is going to be more of the same scenic drone views that we’re all so used to seeing. While there will undeniably be beautiful aerial shots featuring locales ranging from Barbados to Las Vegas, each 30 minute episode will primarily focus on the versatility of the drones themselves.

The 10-episode series will explore various applications of drone technology, including search-and-rescue, image recognition, FPV drone racing, meteorology, sports training, cinematography, marine biology, and weaponization (with a paintball gun, that is). So there will be no shortage of interesting subject matter for those curious about what drones can do.

“The content within our show caters to the person who has nothing to do with drones all the way through the prosumer and the custom builder,” says Haake. “We get to hit all aspects of the drone audience.”
Pigeon Vision
Familiar faces

You may not know the Pigeon Vision team yet, but you’ll get acquainted quickly. The series features four main personalities: Roger, drone technician and “eccentric gamer;” Ryan (Haake), co-owner and adrenaline junkie; Dani, drone pilot and adventurer; and Darren, marketing guru and “closer.”

While this group may not consist of the most well known names in the industry, Haake theorizes that the natural, fun interaction among the group is one of the show’s greatest attributes.

In addition to the core group, there will be a dynamic supporting cast of industry leaders including AirVuz (a partner of DRONED), the International Drone Racing Association, and FPV drone racers Skitzo, Matty Stuntz, Freybott, and StingerSwarm.

For those who may not recognize drone racers or UAS entrepreneurs, celebrities like Criss Angel, Tyler Perry, Jason Acuña, and former NFL player Ryan Hoag will also make appearances on the show.

An eye on the future

The goal of the show is, of course, to entertain viewers. But Haake and the rest of the Pigeon Vision team hope that fans of the show will learn along the way.

“We’re really shining a positive light on the drone community. [Drones are] regularly in the media, but it’s always portrayed in a negative manner,” says Haake. “Our show is just showcasing all the positive aspects of drones, what drones can do.”

The team also hopes to include more industry leaders from DJI and CTRL me — and, of course, more celebrities. Even Martha Stuart’s name has been thrown around. Are you reading, Martha? There’s a drone with your name on it down in Florida.

DRONED premieres on July 22 with two episodes airing back-to-back on the Science Channel. You can keep your eyes open for further announcements and details about the series on its Facebook page, but for now, satisfy your aerial cinematography cravings by checking out our video section.