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DJI Expands Drone Offerings

The Apple of drones offers three new commercial models and enters the world of FPV racing
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The Year of Drone Software

Major companies including Microsoft and Verizon move into the world of unmanned traffic management

How I Survived My First Gig as a Certified Remote Pilot

In a previous post, I explained how I successfully prepared for, and passed, my Part 107 Knowledge Test ― thus allowing me to legally make money from ...

Scientists Still Plan to Use Drones to Help Track Mosquitoes That Spread Zika

Last summer, scientists deployed high-tech mosquito traps around Houston, TX, to help monitor for Zika and other infectious disease. This year, drones...
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UPS Tests Delivery Via Drone Launched from Delivery Truck

Watch a 360-degree video of the delivery
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DJI and AMA Join Forces to Promote Drone Safety

Public safety and education go hand-in-hand
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EHang Takes the Lead

And you'll probably like why

Are Drones the Next Chemistry Set?

As a child of the 1980s, I have many amazing, formative memories — Transformers, He-Man, the rise of MTV, the first flight of the Challenger space shu...

The Biggest Safety Threat at the Women’s March May Surprise You

Regardless of your position on the political spectrum, there’s no denying that the Women’s March on Washington (and its "sister marches") held the day...