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New Research Shows What Could Happen if Drone Hits Person on Ground

Findings affect rule for drone operations over people
News & Notes

ASCEND Adds Mentor Meetings, Part 107 Training Day

ASCEND Conference & Expo continues focus on applicable knowledge with new offerings
Product Reviews

Aerix Nano Drones

These drones may be small, but they sure pack a lot of fun
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A New and Powerful Purpose for Drones

Learn how to gain access and expose your Drone business to over 12,000 electrical and energy professional and power your business forward.

The Current State of Flying Cars, Air-Taxis, Personal Drones

Over the last few weeks, there  has been a lot of news about flying cars, air-taxis, and personal drones. Recently a variety of concept studies and pr...

Drone Light Shows Are Making an Impact

Docomo and Zerotech appeal to the newest entertainment craze
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INTRASECT Annual Conference Invites Speakers and Presenters to Submit Proposals

INTRASECT takes place June 29-30 in Washington, DC
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Learn From an Emerging-Markets Pro

Be sure to remember her networking tip

Meet Uber's Partners Creating Flying Taxis for 2020

Uber sees no need for startups to bet on a risky “if you build it, they will come” strategy for flying taxis. Instead, the tech giant believes the dem...

7 Reasons Why the Utilities Industry Should Be Employing Drones

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are being used across commercial industries as a more efficient and cost-effective option. In particular, the potential ...
News & Notes

DJI Goggles Allow You to Control Your Drone with Your Head

Plus some other goodies you don’t want to miss 👍